Foot and ankle surgery

Hallux valgus : big toe deformity, deviated towards the other toes

Hallux valgus

A hallux valgus is a forefoot deformity located on the great toe which is laterally deviated, leading to a “bump” on the medial edge of the foot, commonly called « bunion ».


Having surgery?

For each patient, a surgical procedure is discussed only if symptoms are present. The surgeon should be able to refuse a procedure for a patient without symptom in order to protect him against himself.

Percutaneous surgery for hallux valgus: exostosectomy burring

Percutaneous surgery

For more than 10 years, percutaneous surgery has changed the management of forefoot pathologies such as hallux valgus. Even with very small scars it still remains authentic surgical procedures.

Totale ankle replacement: postoperative X-ray of a total ankle prosthesis

Total ankle replacement

Recent development of total ankle arthroplasty lead to a reliable and innovative solution in the treatment of ankle destruction. Ankle replacement is now a serious alternative to ankle fusion.